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Psalmus Humanus

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Lord, who are You?
My strict Father,
Or my loving Mother?
Whose womb bore the Universe?
Are you the Universe itself?
Or, the Law, which dominates it?
Is the only reason you created life to untie it again?
Did you create me or did I create You?
To escape from my loneliness and my responsibility?
God! I don't know, who you are,
But I cry to You in my great troubles,
Frightened by myself and my fellow men!
Maybe you don't even understand my words,
But perceive my speechless song.

First Prayer: God

Lord, you are more powerful than your creation.
And your home is the Universe.
I perceived you like myself,
Evil, greedy and vain,
Who yearns for glorification and sacrifice from me,
Who avenges my minor sins,
To whom I should build a temple,
Whilst I leave my brothers homeless?
God! Let me praise You with
The enhancement of that tiny point,
Entrusted to me in your Creation.
Shower light on this earthly existence,
Warmth, goodwill and happiness.

Fourth prayer: Power (energy) and speed

You revealed to us the secret forces of materials,
To ease our burdens and beautify our lives.
You thought us to fly faster than our own sound,
That distance must no longer separate people.
We strive to concentrate its powers into projectiles,
And wing them to the farthest corners of the Earth,
To draw our human fellows in misery and destruction.
Leaving a scorched, lifeless earth behind.
God! Do not let us destroy the temple of life,
Allow me to use my skills for my own benefit and
Sanctify life with it,
Giving dignity to my existence.

Fifth prayer: the Earth

Lord! You gave this beautiful Earth as our home,
You have hidden immeasurable treasures in its depths,
You enable us to understand your work,
To ease our life, banish hunger and disease.
We dig out the treasures to waste them,
To create formidable instruments of destruction,
To destroy with them what other people are building,
While they do not turn against me and kill me and
my children.
Lord! Let us to be your companion in creation,
To understand and beautify the work of Your hand,
To make our planet the secure home of peace,
Abundance, joy and beauty.

By Tibor Hartel